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10711 Rose Avenue
Palms, CA, 90034
United States

(323) 450-7616

We are a creative tutoring and photography studio that brings media arts classes and authentic, easy, photos shoots to families and kids. Located in Los Angeles, Serving San Fransisco, San Diego, and all of the West Coast. 



We bring media arts tutoring and easy kid centered, photo shoots to families and kids. Located in Los Angeles, Serving San Fransisco, San Diego, and all of the West Coast. 

We bring customized media art classes & fun and easy photo shoots to kids and families.

Samaria is absolutely incredible when it comes to doing what she loves! We’ve had family portraits done which I cherish because she captures exactly who we are, and today my children began taking photography classes with her. The whole time they were so inspired. Watching my girls learn and create, I truly felt like she opened up a magical wonderland for them. By the end of the session, they were full of giggles and smiles! They couldn’t stop talking about it after she left and they can’t wait for their next session.
— Melanie Taylor- Business Owner & Mom
What a great opportunity for kids and teens to learn about photography and explore their creativity! I know Samaria with The Sprouting Image and she has always been extremely passionate about art and she adores kiddos. Parents, I encourage you to check out the services offered by The Sprouting Image.
— Jessica Fraser- Marketing Manager, Artist, & Mom

I'm the owner and chief fun officer at The Sprouting Image. I live in Los Angeles with my amazing wife who is a video game producer and a damn tasty lasagna maker. After working as a Photographer and Video Editor for 8 years for brands such as Google, Activision Blizzard, UPS, Sony Online Entertainment, and NBC, I am now building a talented team of photo, video, and happy kid experts who love to teach, create visual stories, and help empower kids to be excited about making something from nothing.

Before starting my photography career and finishing college, I was teaching with the Child Development Resource Center in San Luis Obispo which is a child abuse prevention program serving at-risk kids. There I learned the incredible value of bringing fun into learning and giving kids tools to think and create for themselves. Most importantly, I learned the important practice of speaking to kids like the capable minds they are, which can truly strengthen their self awareness and confidence. 

Those values and years of awesome work with parents and kids are how we've crafted both our easy photos for families, and our media art lessons for kids. Let's create some fun! 

Checkout more of my past photo and video work on my personal site here--> HERE

Photos by Color Me Rad

Photos by Color Me Rad